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TX DPS Driving Record for Defensive Driving Courses

TX DPS Driving Record

Why Does the Court Want a Copy My Driving Record?

When you dismiss a ticket using a driving safety course, the court in the city where you received your ticket will want to know what kind of driver you were before you went blazing through their town. According to state law, drivers are only allowed one ticket dismissal per 12 month period. It’s seems that some “less than honest” people (no one like you, of course) try to beat the system by trying to dismiss multiple tickets in multiple towns without the other one knowing. By asking for your driving record, the court can be sure that they are following the law, too.

Why Else Might I Need a Copy of My Driving Record?

There are a couple of benefits of having a current copy of your driving record. The first, of course, is that you will need one for the court in order to get your ticket taken care of. Also, just like your credit report, it is good to review your driving record from time to time just to make sure that it is accurate. You may be paying too much for your car insurance because your driving record reflects a citation or accident that you never actually had.
Speaking of insurance, when you complete your online driving safety course, you will actually receive two copies of your completion certificate. One of these is for the court and the other is for your insurance man. Many insurance companies offer discounts for successful completion of a TEA approved driving safety course. Be sure to check with your agent to see if you qualify.

Do I Have to Contact the DPS for a Copy of My Driving Record?

Absolutely not! When you sign up for the Texas Defensive Driving Online course, you will be given the option to order your driving record directly through us. That way, everything is convenient as your court required paperwork will come to you in a single package. After all, wasn’t getting a ticket hassle enough? We just want to see you get this little “bump in the road” dealt with as quickly and easily as possible.

So How Much is Your Package Deal?

You can order our basic course along with a copy of your driving record for only $49.95. Again, we want getting your paperwork to be less of a hassle than it was getting the ticket in the first place! With our package deal, you can rest assured that the court will be happy, your insurance guy will be happy and you can be happy, too, knowing that your ticket has been taken care of, your driving record is clean and accurate and that you are putting a little insurance savings back in your pocket.

Our Driving Record Package Is:

  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • What you need to make everybody happy!

Ready to get started with the easiest approved online defensive driving course in the state of Texas?