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Texas Defensive Driving - Simple, Affordable and Convenient

Texas Defensive Driving - Simple, Affordable and Convenient

Keeping It Clean

There are many positive benefits to taking a defensive driving class. The best of these may be that you get to keep your driving record clean. Tickets on your record will increase the cost of your auto insurance and may increase the cost of your license renewal as well. So keep it clean with Texas Defensive Driving Online.
Speaking of driving records, often the court will request a copy of your driving record along with your course completion certificate. If so, consider ordering our course and driving record package to save you time in getting your paperwork together.

Get the One the Court Wants

While you are free to choose any of the hundreds of driving courses offered throughout the state, make sure to choose one that the court will recognize for ticket dismissal. This means you want to find one that is approved by the Texas Education Agency, like this one. Our course is one of the leaders in the state, helping thousands of drivers to dismiss tickets every month.

Convenient and Cost Effective

When you choose us, you give yourself the opportunity to complete your course with the most freedom and flexibility possible. By taking your course online, you won’t have to burn gas or 6 hours of your life getting to a classroom. You can complete your course anytime from anywhere that has an Internet connection. And our $25.00, lowest cost, money back guarantee makes it the best deal around.

Simple and Straightforward

Our course has taken all of the state required information and has broken into small, easy to master units. You can take them all at once, one at a time or pieces at a time, whatever works best for you. You will be asked to take a short, multiple choice quiz at the end of every unit, while all the info is still on your mind. Even if you don’t pass the first time, we will give you all the chances that you need.
Our course makes it easy to take and easy to learn. Filled with engaging video and humorous text, it’s designed to make a dreaded task fun.

Get It Dismissed No Matter Your Gadget

To offer you even more flexibility, our course is not chained to your home or work computer. Our course can be completed on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, giving you the opportunity to work on your course in places where no course has gone before!

Did Your Due Date Sneak Up On You?

We understand what it is like for life to get busy and then suddenly look up at your calendar and realize that it is way later than you think. If you have realized that your paperwork is due sooner than you remembered, relax. We offer several rush delivery options including two day, overnight and even Saturday so that you can keep the judge happy.

So Why Wouldn’t You?

Thousands of drivers every month choose Texas Defensive Driving Online for their ticket dismissal needs and it’s easy to see why.

  • Lowest price available
  • Easy and engaging
  • Available on any device
  • No final exam
  • Expedited shipping available

Getting your ticket was the hardest part. Making it disappear is easy with Texas Defensive Driving Online. Click register to get started today!

Ready to get started with the easiest approved online defensive driving course in the state of Texas?