Watch Out! How to Stay Alert When Driving in Traffic

Watch Out!  Ever yelled that at anyone when you are out and about?  I know I have, and that is because we all are just a little bit selfish. I mean think about it, if I were to assume that everyone on the road is mainly out to get to where they want to go, or to do what they want/need to do, then I am prepared to drive defensively.  Otherwise I will be yelling watch out myself because I need to get to where I am going and no one better get in my way.  Do you see the wrong mindset?  I must be ready to drive considering others more important than myself (respect).  Here are some helpful tips that the National Safety Council tells us to do.

Watch Out!

Watch Out!


Adjust your mirrors prior to leaving your house, into a position that will maximize your visibility.  It is recommended to check your mirrors often when you are driving, about every three to five seconds.

Right of way

It is a good practice to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination, when doing so you allow yourself to bless others.  If you are not in a hurry you are always willing to yield the right of way to others first.  This does not take away from your timing as you have allowed more than enough time to arrive.  Yielding the right of way to others helps prevent you from having an accident.

Look ahead

Keeping track of what is ahead of you is just as important as what is now behind you.  Look ahead; twelve seconds ahead so you know where you want to be before you need to be there,  eight seconds ahead to see what traffic may be doing so you can make an educated decision, and three seconds ahead so that you do not hit what is right in front of you.

Watch Out! I guess those words won’t be coming from your lips when you practice these three tips well.  So enjoy your time while you are on your commute, and bless others by driving defensively.

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