Toys for Travel that Spark Girls and Boys Imaginations

Travling Toys

Toys for Travel

As the holidays approach you may be planning to hit the road and visit family. For some this may be a time of joy but it also may come with some stress, family drama, big meals to plan, finding the perfect gift, traffic and “are we there yet?”. Don’t let the drive be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, a little prep work can make all the difference.

Magnetic Dolls

Melissa and Doug make adorable wooden dolls that come with magnetic outfits. The best part is not only are these for girls but boys too! They have a fireman, ballerina, baseball player, princess and more and all are modestly dressed; a big positive for this girl mom. Melissa and Doug provides a cute box for each doll but for $0.97 at Wal Mart you can buy a plastic shoe box, with a lid, to store them in.

Magnetic Board 

A great way to help your child practice spelling or numbers is with a magnetic board. Melissa and Doug makes a very sturdy board that you can travel with. If you don’t mind you can allow chalk or dry erase markers but if you prefer just use magnets. A plastic shoe box would make great and small storage for magnets yet again for this toy.

Wooden Magnetic Patterns

If your child isn’t quiet old enough for spelling and numbers maybe colorful shapes would be a better option. Once again Melissa and Doug knock it out of the park with their wooden magnetic patterns toy and it comes in a bag that closes! Your child can follow already made patterns or create their own fun pictures.

Musical Farmyard Cube

For your younger traveler Melissa and Dougs musical farmyard cube is soft, colorful and interactive. Yes it does make some noise but it is much easier to listen to than a screaming child. Your child can crinkle animals, move flaps and hear animal noises.

Don’t spoil your holiday memories by being stressed about the travel. Take a deep breath, pack some toys and enjoy your children. All to soon they will be grown and gone

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