Thanksgiving: Lowering Stress During Thanksgiving Travel


Thanksgiving week can be a stressful, full of travel, family and very full schedules. No one wants to spend Thanksgiving week stressed out, maybe a few of these tips can help take the stress levels down

Drive During “Off” Times 

Thanksgiving week is a very busy time for travel. If possible drive early in the morning, late at night or on a different day (rather than Thanksgiving day) Be aware of where you are going, if you are headed into a large city try not to drive during rush hour. If you are driving on Black Friday be aware of large shopping centers and malls, avoid them if you can.

Prepare Beforehand 

Do you need an oil change? New Tires? Spare? Do you have any service lights on or lights missing? Take care of that before you try and make a trip. The night before go ahead and fill the car with gas and windshield washer fluid to wash away any bugs or junk you pick up on the road.

Pack up the Car

Are you going for a long trip? Go ahead and put your luggage in the car the night before. Just a quick trip? I am sure there are still things that you will be taking, load all you can. Even if you are only taking items for a Thanksgiving meal there may be things that can be loaded the night before such as paper goods, rolls, drinks and non perishables. For all things that need to be loaded right before you leave, try and load them in the back of the car or at least the back seat.

Games to Pass the Time

-Thankful ABCs

Start with A and come up with something you are thankful for, continue through the alphabet

-License Plate Game

Find as many different license plates as you can. For bonus points, whats the capital of that state?


A oldie but a goodie. Print out Thanksgiving themed coloring pages (google for free printables) and let your kids color them using whatever you feel comfortable with. Personally I like colored pencils or better yet Twistables so they don’t have to be sharpened. Once you arrive at your destination the kids have gifts to give

No matter what your Thanksgiving Holiday looks like, enjoy your time and be

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