Talking to your Parents about Driving

Although you are grown your parents are still, well, your parents. True, you don’t need their permission to stay out late but you still want to show them respect. It’s never comfortable having to sit them down for a talk. On the other hand, how long before you run out of excuses as to why your children don’t need a ride. It’s not that your parents are no longer able to take care of themselves, you honestly still trust them alone with your children, just not in the car.

According to the state of Texas once a driver is 79 they must renew in person and also have a basic medical exam. There is no set in stone required driving test, which honestly makes me a little nervous.

What happens when you feel your parent is no longer able to drive but the law says they are fine? Hopefully you are in a place that you can lovingly talk with your parents and voice your concern. Maybe right now they should just have limitations for driving, such as not driving at night or in bad weather. Maybe you are concerned about highway driving, but they are fine to drive around town.  If they don’t receive your concerns well, suggest talking to a doctor. Perhaps hearing from a medical professional will help them see the danger and not feel attacked by a child.

If nothing you say or voice is heard then do your best to keep them out of the driver’s seat. Always go to them, offer to pick them up if you are headed out. If you know they have a bunch of errands to do suggest doing them together so you can spend time together.

Remember that you are their child, no matter how old you are. After some time has passed, bring it up again and make sure to remind them that you don’t feel they are unable to do things for themselves. Make sure they know that you are coming from a place of love and concern.  As time goes by if you are still concerned maybe one of their friends can talk to them for you.

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