Pulled Over; Some Helpful Tips to Get You Through it

Pulled Over

Pulled over

Oh Crap! Getting pulled over.

When you see those lights flashing behind you, our first reaction is, oh crap!  Sometimes you are completely aware of why, other times you aren’t too sure.  Either way, how you handle the next few seconds can speak volumes about what kind of driver you are.  Let me walk you through this procedure, you may find it very beneficial for all involved.

Be Calm – Remaining calm like in any situation keeps you from further harm.

Turn on your Hazards – This tells the officer you are aware and are looking for a safe environment to stop your vehicle.

Find a public place – The shoulder is not a safe place to stop, necessarily, look for a  gas station or grocery store and pull into their lots.  This is for your safety and the safety of the officer who is getting out of his vehicle.

Turn your car off – Completely turn your car off and remove your keys placing them on your dash.  This is a sign of respect that may cause relief in the officer on the scene.

Have your window down – Have your window down before the officer arrives to your vehicle.  There should be no sounds coming from your vehicle (since you took your keys out already).

Do NOT speak – Do not be so eager to make things worse for you.  Take your time and listen to what the officer has to say.  Wait till you are asked a question, and do not incriminate yourself.

“Do you know why I pulled you over?” – Your response to this may make the difference as to the results of being pulled over.  Your answer should always be “No sir/ma’am.”  Telling them anything else is asking them to write you a ticket.  Who knows, maybe all they pulled you over for was to say you have a broken tail light.


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