New Zealand Ad Causing a Discussion on the Web.

New Zealand ad causing a discussion around the web, check it out here.


New Zealand

New Zealand

Big Deal or No?

The question comes to mind, why does it matter?  Is this really a big deal?  The simple answer is no.

Who is the key demographic?

Those that are up in arms over this commercial reveal two things about themselves, and, in no particular order, this makes me giggle.

One, this commercial is for men and women who like hunting, and not meant for everyone to enjoy.  But if you find yourselves offended, you are most likely not even paying attention to the fact it is a commercial for a truck. You are more tuned into the fact Bambi wants to ride on the hood, and maybe Flounder and Lamb Chop wanting to join him.  Hunting is not a primitive lifestyle, nor is Vegan a progressive one.  I really think Bambi did want to ride on the hood.

Two, you probably enjoy your small compact car with a reasonable mpg, leaving behind a very little carbon foot print.  To be fair to you it is a truck that this ad is promoting, and if this is your complaint I can be a little more lenient.  At least you are recognizing this is an ad for a vehicle, however you to are not the target they are wanting to reach with this ad.

Too Many Band-wagoners

We live in the day where not to many people think for themselves, and truth be told that is sad. There are real issues to get on board with, and then there is this one.

We ought to applaud this ad as it carried no sensuality with it, no violence (explicitly), and no vulgarity.  I, for one, am grateful for creative marketing like this; opposed to the current goal of creative marketing which tries to push the boundaries of sexuality (sensually). Good job Toyota of New Zealand!

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