What do all the letters mean?!

Have you ever wondered what the letters and codes on your license mean? Beyond the “Donor” sticker I have never known what they mean. According to the Texas Drivers Handbook (found at www.txdps.state.tx.us) here are the restriction cods that you can have and what they mean. Some of the descriptions still sound like code to me but I am sure if they applied to me they would make more sense. If you ever have any questions or concerns make sure to ask your local driver’s license office.

Restriction Codes

A: With corrective lenses

B: LOFS 21 or over

C: Daytime Only

D: Not to exceed 45 mph

E: No expressway driving

F: Must hold a valid learner license to MM/DD/YY

G: TRC 545.424 applied until MM/DD/YY

H: Vehicle not to exceed 26,000 GVWR

I: Motorcycle not to exceed 250 cc

J: Licensed driver age 21 or over in sight

K: Moped

L: Vehicle without air brakes (applies to vehicles requiring CDL)

M: CDL interstate commerce only

N: Ignition interlock required

O: Occupational license (no CMV); see court order

Q: LOFS 21 or over vehicle above Class B

R: LOFS 21 or over vehicle Class C

S: Outside mirror or hearing aid

T: Automatic transmission

U: Applicable prosthetic device

V: Medical variance documentation required

W: Power steering

X: Vehicle not to exceed Class C

Y: Valid Texas vision or limb waiver required

Z: Applicable vehicle devices

P1: For Class M TRC 545.424 until MM/DD/YY

P2: To/From work/school

P3: To/from work

P4: To/from school

P5: To/from work/school or LOFS 21 or over

P6: To/from work or LOFS 21 or over

P7: To/from school or LOFS 21 or over

P8:With telescopic lens

P9: LOFS 21 or over bus only

P10: LOFS or over school bus only

P11: Bus not to exceed 26,000 lbs GVWR

P12: Passenger CMV restricted to Class C only

P13: LOFS 21 or over in vehicle equipped with air brake

P14: Operation Class B exempt vehicle authorized

P15: Operation Class A exempt vehicle authorized

P16: If CMV, school buses interstate

P17: If CMV, government vehicle interstate

P18: If CMV, only transport personal property (interstate)

P19: If CMV, only transport corpse/sick/injured (interstate)

P20: If CMV, privately transport passengers (interstate)

P21: If CMV, fire/rescue (interstate)

Endorsement Codes

H: Authorizes the transportation of hazardous materials

N: Authorizes the operation of a vehicle with a tank

P: Authorizes the operation of a vehicle transporting passengers

S: Authorizes the operation of a school bus

T: Authorizes towing two (double) or three (triple) trailers over a specified weight

X: Authorizes the operation of a combination of endorsements H and N

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