Flooding, What Should You Do When the Waters Rise?

Flooding has hit North Texas hard, as saturated soil inhibits the rate of drainage, and sadly some people have been swept away from the sudden flash floods. Since we here at txdefensivedrivingonline.com care about your safety while on the roads of Texas, we would like to offer some helpful tips for when you drive in the rain

Flood waters

Flood waters


Turning on your head lights is a great way to practice safety, as we all know some of these storms can block out the sun as if it were evening time.  Your lights allow you to see better and allow others to see you as well.  This is a great practice anytime you are out and it is not sunny and clear.


Sometimes the weather can be rather dangerous, and you may find yourself getting nervous or even scared.  Your hazard lights are a great way to let others know that you are proceeding with caution; it also makes you visible from behind even in the hardest downpours.

High Ground

If you are not going to be able to make it to your destination in a timely manner, and you were caught out and about when the rains came seek a place where there is high ground.  I know in North Texas that is sometimes a hard thing to do, but know a few places for high ground is a good idea.

Catch Phrase

Flooding can catch you off guard, so if you are out when a flash flood happens don’t be scared.  The catch phase, “turn around don’t drown,” may come in handy.  Don’t try and be a hero, don’t put yourself in a dangerous situation, because when you do you often put others in danger as well.  I mean think about it, who is going to save you?  Are their lives now not in the same danger as yours?  Of course they are because flooding is unpredictable and can be a mighty force.

Flooding is dangerous

Flooding is dangerous

The best advice I can give you though is just stay off the roads during flooding potential, you may be saving someones life if you do.

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