Have You Heard About Driverless Vehicles?



People are going driverless, have you heard about it? Driverless vehicles, while not quite a concept that has taken off fully, is the next step into the future for vehicles. A few manufacturers are making a dent in kicking this technology off, but today we are going to look at Googles prototype.

2 Passengers

This prototype only holds two passengers at a time, so not ready for a big family just yet but I do believe they are working on the software before they work on the utility.  Great date vehicle; just imagine what you could do while you are driving down the road, while on a date, and have nothing to distract you from your better half.

Nothing in your Way

There is no steering wheel, nor brakes/gas pedal, only space for seating.  Google’s driverless prototype offers only space for you and a friend to enjoy each other company uninhibited by objects that take up space.

Friendly and inviting

Google wants to make the vehicle to be practical, but really wants to make sure that the passengers feel comfortable.  The concept is actually a little daunting to one that hasn’t been in a driverless vehicle.  I mean can you imagine getting into a car that drove itself?  Would you just do it without considering all the what ifs that could flood your mind in that moment?  The concept of the vehicle is rather neat, but when it came to it hesitation would be my mindset.  Not that I would disbelieve, but that I would not trust something that I, or my fellow passenger, had no control over.  Google’s response to kicking this technology off, is to make it “overly” safe.  That is why the prototype does not go over 25 mph.

What do you think could you jump in a driverless car today?  I am impressed with the concept but I am cautious to say, “lets go!”


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