Dependable Vehicles, Does your Vehicle Make the List?

Dependable vehicles we all are looking for them, but which ones are topping the list these days?  Let figure out how to purchase a dependable vehicle so that you can get the most for your money.  You must let go of the idea of a vehicle as an investment because they depreciate so greatly the moment you put the pen to the paper.  Dave Ramsey encourages us to pay cash, let someone else pay the dumby tax (buy used), and always ask, “what kind of deal can you make?”

Dependable Vehicles

Dependable Vehicles

Know your Need

First you must know what you need your vehicle to do before you begin looking for your next vehicle or you may be left wanting.  Ask yourself a few questions such as:

What will I need it for the most (i.e. are you hauling, are you needing a fuel efficient vehicle)?

If you would like a car that fits your style consider looking at that as an option, because being practical can sometimes take away from the fun.


After you have figured the needs its is always a good idea to research what is quality and what is junk.  Today a list from 2012 models (3 year old Vehicles) ow make these vehicles your most dependable ride:

Type of Car Make & Model
Small Sedan Scion xD
Large Sedan Lexus ES
Compact Sporty Coupe Scion tC
Compact Sedan Toyota Corolla
Small SUV Kia Sportage
Large SUV GMC Yukon
Compact SUV GMC Terrain
Light Duty Pickup GMC Sierra LD
Heavy Duty Pickup Chevrolet Silverado HD
Minivan Toyota Sienna

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Who to buy from

I would recommend buying from an individual that is connected to your circle firstly, someone 50+ in age (they tend to take care of things with greater care), willing to deal, and someone that is motivated to sell.  Personally I would stay away from dealerships as a percentage of your purchase price is not paying for the vehicle at all.

I hope you are able to find the most dependable vehicle for your money, and enjoy your “new to you” vehicle.


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