Buying the Car you want not the Car the Dealership wants to Sell

Buying a new or just “new to you” car is exciting, overwhelming and expensive. Here are a few tips to consider before you shell out thousands.

Have a Plan

Before you are attacked by pushy salesmen have a plan. Do you have any idea what kind of car you are looking for? What are your needs? If you have no idea, ask around. Still need to look to get some ideas? Visit a dealership when they are really busy and will leave you alone, worried you will get sucked in? Take a firm friend who isn’t looking to buy.

Know your Budget

Every add on seems like a must when you are looking at a new car, don’t get in over your head because everything looks pretty. Make sure to know what your finances look like before someone tries to tell you what they look like.

Hide your Cards

Did a rich uncle just leave you millions? Have a trade in? Already got the go ahead from the bank? Have a super star co signer? Close your mouth! Don’t share any of these things, even the fact that you are not rich, keep it to yourself.

Focus on the Final Cost

Once you find the vehicle to fit your needs, focus on the final cost. Don’t get sucked up into monthly payments, specials, or ways to work the numbers. It’s no good if you can afford the monthly payments until the balance comes due and you can’t afford it or you have over paid by thousands .

Negotiate and Finalize a Price

There are so many variables that go into a final walk out price  of a new vehicle, set all of those things aside and settle on a final price. Once you have the price in writing, then you can add in the trade in and any other specials they may have going on.

Cash Money

Without a doubt paying cash is the way to go! However, dealerships make a very pretty penny on financing. If you plan to pay cash keep it to yourself until you have a price you are happy with in writing, you don’t want to find yourself paying more to make up for not having to finance.

Sleep on It

Don’t drive off the lot with a new car! Take 24 hours to go home, sleep and really think about it. Make sure NOT to take the car home for a trial period because that won’t help at all.

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