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Be a Blessing This Holiday Season

I know Halloween has come and gone and most people are running for Christmas at full speed however, lets enjoy the season of Thankfulness. Thanksgiving often times gets overlooked but not today. I know we each have things we are unhappy about or want to change but we also have so much to be thankful […]

Holiday Travel Time Once Again

Holiday travel can be stressful and often times causes more frustration than sweet memories. There has to be a better way! Here are a few helpful tips to point you towards sweet memories and not holiday frustration. Calm Down We live in a very fast paced society, everyone is in a hurry and most people […]

What about No Fault Insurance?

Insurance, it’s almost like the mature version of the lotto. No one really wants to pay for insurance but it is foolish not to, no matter what insurance we are talking about. Health insurance, one bad sickness could put you in financial ruin. Homeowners insurance, that crazy storm that blows through could take everything you […]

Tire Care

I must admit I never really learned how to change a tire. I have been walked through it a couple of times but have never really paid enough attention to take care of it myself, I’m not even sure I could check and fix my tire pressure either. Your tires are a very important part […]