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How YOU Can Make a Difference to Lower the Staggering Texas Drunk Driving Statistics

It’s true: everything’s bigger in Texas. However, as the great pacifist and philosopher Yoda once said, “Size matters not.” We agree. Bigger isn’t always better… especially when it comes to the number of drunk driving fatalities per year on Texas highways. And yet, as though Texas couldn’t get out from under her own oft-celebrated saying, […]

Tips for Driving in the Rain

Most people are aware of the risks of driving in snowy or icy conditions, but they often overlook the dangers of a sudden rain shower. Learn some best driving practices for wet road conditions and you can avoid potential problems when you end up getting stuck in the rain. Brake More Cautiously One of the […]

How to Drive ‘Greener’

Being able to drive or buy greener can help the environmental concerns that are currently happening all over the world. The choice of vehicle that you make is very important. Also how you maintain the vehicle that you have can also be a big difference when it comes to being greener overall while driving. Here […]

How to Actually Enjoy a Family Trip

Many parents dread road trips and why shouldn’t they? Children bicker and fight with one another or complain about how they are cramped inside the vehicle the entire time. Even though this is the typical trip experience it doesn’t have to be yours. By planning appropriately and preparing your children for the trip you can […]